Dissecting The 24 Team Playoff Format

Elliotte Friedman reported that there are talks of playoff hockey happening but in a different way than what we are used to.

Breaking it down

24 teams would make the postseason and top seeds would see a bye. Puck Report on twitter was able to break it down in a more digestible manner.

First Round Bye for Boston

For Bruins fans, this means we’d go a little bit longer without playoff hockey. We’d be left out of the first round which is tragic but at the end of the day, we avoid a first-round exit. So it’s a win-win.

A first-round- bye would allow the Bruins more time to prepare for the return of hockey. The momentum you typically see going into the playoffs is not going to be there. Teams are going to have to work harder. The pause halted any and all on-ice conditioning. It’s going to take some to get used to the everyday activity and logistics that go into hockey. It’s not rocket science there.

Bruins head coach, Bruce Cassidy is not a fan of this format.

The 2019-20 season was not a complete season and will more than likely have an asterisk next to it in the history books. The season might not be completed but in order to save time, they’re going to have to wipe their hands at a 69-70 game season and call it a day. Formatting the playoffs in a traditional way only seems fair.

A Look Around The League

The Battle of Alberta

The Battle of Alberta was one of the most anticipated series. You didn’t have to be a Flames or Oiler fan to look forward to the energy of that series. The Oilers were finally a competitive team again and were on the hunt to reclaim Alberta as theirs. It’s a shame that fans are going to miss out on this.

Potential Success for Toronto

Toronto hasn’t seen playoff success since 2004. Sixteen years without a playoff series win has to be depressing. Boston fans cannot and may not ever relate. If the Leafs do in fact meet Columbus in the first round, there’s a really good chance that drought in broken.

My Thoughts

Bringing this to fruition is going to take a lot of work. It’s not as simple as snapping our fingers and the puck drops in 2 weeks. I don’t like this format at all. I think the first round should be a one game elimination to cut back on time. If we can get hockey back in a safe manner, inject it into my veins.

-Jess Belmosto (@jessbelmosto)

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