An Open Letter To The MLB

We have a lot to address today. From the cost of attending a game to the current state of the league.

I write this with a lot of pain and hurt knowing I may never get the chance to bring my own family to a game, just like my dad did. We sat in the bleachers with our hot dogs and ice creams in a helmet. It was a time before iPhone’s and we used disposable cameras to capture our memories. We spent every summer at a different ballpark. We drove

The cost of going to a game was still high but nowhere as near what it costs now. It pretty much costs a car payment for a family of four to get to a game alone, not including merchandise or food. I went to a few games last summer and it cost just two of us a pretty penny. How are you going to grow the game when people can’t afford to go? What are we going to do to make the game and players more accessible so they can see the stars?

Fans are never able to see players like Mike Trout, Cody Bellinger, Mookie Betts, and so many more because of how expensive it is. Besides ticket cost, concessions. If a family of four wants a hot dog and water at Fenway Park, it’s going to cost an upward of $50. In what world is that realistic? Imagine how much more likely families would be to go to a game if they could pack a cooler and bring it into the stadium?

Baseball is profitable. There’s no one denying that. There’s a reason why it’s called America’s Pasttime. It’s going to be a thing of the past like black and white television if no one can afford to carry on the tradition of going to games.

Let’s Talk About The Season

The owners tried to convince the players and general public that baseball would simply turn to dust if there was no season. Both owners and players needed to read a dictionary when it came to the negotiations. There was no give and take. It was all or nothing. 

I don’t blame the players. There’s a lot of risks that go into having a season in the midst of a global pandemic. I don’t have enough fingers to count them all. There’s a reason why we’ve been advised to social distance. There are reasons why guidelines are in place. There’s a reason why places following guidelines have flattened their curves.

Baseball players have been put into an ugly predicament. They have to decide whether they want to be a baseball player or a family man. Brock Holt posted on Instagram Monday night and it almost read like he was going off to war. 

Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 3.38.36 PM

Maybe I’m being dramatic and overly sympathetic but this is such a sucky situation for the Holt’s.

Final Thoughts

There’s plenty of room for growth in baseball. There is no sports league that is perfect, we know this. However, I think the start would be firing commissioner Robert Manfred. If you’re a baseball fan it’s self-explanatory. If you’re not, just know he is ruining the game.

There should be no baseball this season. There shouldn’t be any sports. We cannot rush back to life because cases are dropping.

I am sad to see where the game is heading if Manfred remains commissioner for much longer.

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-Jess Belmosto ( @jessbelmosto)

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