Alleged Racist Incidents At Fenway Should NOT Paint A Bigoted Picture Of Boston

If you haven’t heard the news yet, Adam Jones, center fielder for the Baltimore Orioles, kicked off what was anticipated to be a wild week in Boston by alleging that a man in the center field bleachers called him the “N” word.

Before we indulge in this first half of the story let me explain my stance on the incident. Quite frankly I believe Adam Jones in regards to his accusation. I believe him mostly because why would he make this up? Why would he attempt to smear the image of Boston with such a despicable brush? Now once again I do believe Jones. But I’m also not afraid to question a few things in the story because that is what we should be doing as people.

In this day and age people are too timid to say how they are truly feeling in controversial situations because they fear to gain an image of a bigot, sexist, homophobe, whatever. And I understand that fear. Half of the time when I tweet things I sit back and think, “Huh… will this make me look bad?”. But then it’s usually, “I actually don’t care”. And especially in the world of social media, if you say one wrong thing you can get virtually lit on fire by the internet. People will mangle your reputation and quite frankly, you will have to live with that reputation until someone else steals your negative spot light.

But here are some questions I would like to have answered. How does Jones not know which part of the bleachers this man was in? In a night where the stadium was not really filled to capacity I gather the idea that it would be kind of easy to pick out the drunk moron standing up and berating you. No? Especially a guy who is screaming out that type of profanity. I’d imagine that he was not shy about heckling you. I’d imagine that he was up and screaming which would make him very easy to point out. Trust me, I hate to say it but Red Sox fans, aside from the Orioles and Cubs series, have gone soft. For the most part I see to much sitting. So if a drunk A-hole is standing and bellowing out harsh words at you, wouldn’t you be able to pick him out?

My other question is why has nobody come forward yet? There were many, many people surrounding him sitting down and not one person has told the story to any sort of media outlet? Oh wait… I’m wrong. A senior from Woburn high school, Niko Poulakidas, apparently was “15 or 20 rows up from the guy who eventually called Jones the N-word and got himself ejected”. All of this according to a story from big boy pants writer, Mike Lupica, from Much, Much respect to Lupica. He is excellent at what he does and this is why this shocks me so much… Niko tore down poor Mike’s trousers!, the kings (& maybe queens… they could be girls. Nobody really knows who they are), did some digging and it seems as though little Niko wasn’t even at the game. The largest bits of evidence were that A) He claimed the beer vendor “going up and down the crowd refused to serve him…”. Uhm I don’t know if I’ve just been missing out on a great oppurtunity to get beer without leaving my seat and avoiding waiting in those monster lines in the tunnels below Fenway… but last time I was there… which was Sunday night… beer vendors don’t sell beer in the crowd in the bleachers… huh. Okay so he must have mistook the hot dog vendor for the crowd beer server.

Okay, okay honest mistake. BUT THEN he starts talking like the guy throwing the peanuts was the same guy calling Jones the N-word in center… But the peanut throwing happened behind third base… Oh. Oh okay well that’s fine.

Come on Lupica do some digging, man. This is a horrendous look on your end, buddy.

But seriously, at the time of the story I expected SOMEBODY to come out and explain what really happened out there. There were people around him and man there’s got to be more people like Niko who want their names linked to some big stories, right?

Alright so the only witness may not have actually been a witness after all. But with all of this being said I am being honest by saying I do believe Jones’ accusation. I just have some questions, that’s all. And I urge more people to ask  questions instead of just accepting what the media (ESPN) tells you.

It’s clear at this point that ESPN has stopped employing actual journalists. I mean they just cleaned house and released some of their best journalists. Now we’re stuck with absolute jerks like Bomani Jones who just accuse Boston of being racist. When you get a narrative that gets people talking folks, you roll with it even if you don’t have any facts to base your argument on.

Actually… Here’s Bomani’s tweet from earlier today basically saying that we’re all racists here in Boston…

By the way… This SOB can’t escape me. He blocked my personal twitter account but I can still keep tabs behind the wall of Couch Guy Sports.

Now he did tweet later on that he was not insinuating that everyone in Boston is racist… but I don’t know Bomani… this tweet kind of makes it look like you think there’s more racists in Boston then there are non-racists.

Now we also had another incident that allegedly took place last night at the ball park. According to Calvin Hennick, he was attending last night’s Red Sox game with his six year old son. It was his son’s first game and Hennick says in the article written in the Boston Globe today that after the National Anthem had concluded, which was sung by an African American woman, that a middle aged white man criticized the woman’s performance by saying that “It was too long, and she n******* it up”. He allegedly then said that the man said afterwards, “That’s right, and I stand by it”.

The white man, without a name that is known, was ejected from the game and has been banned from Fenway Park.

Now this story I absolutely do believe. I am in utter disbelief that he actually said those words, but if he was ejected from the game and received a life time ban AND Red Sox club president, Sam Kennedy, spoke on the matter, I find it hard for anyone to discredit this story.

And the life time ban, although it will be most likely difficult to enforce, is well deserved. Listen, I have heard people say that “You should be able to say whatever you want! Blehhh build that wall! Blehhhh!” But come on guys. Use an ol’ “F” bomb at a game. Okay a little aggressive but fine. Tell Machado that you hate the way his face is shaped and that he always looks like he’s about to burst into tears. That’s cool. I may high five you for the creativity. But anybody who drops an “N” bomb, especially in a public setting, deserves to get a nice punch to the ear canal and a life time ban from the park.

But with all of this being said, people around the United States need to resist the words of ESPN and other media outlets and understand that for the most part, as far as I can see, racism really isn’t a rampant issue in Boston. I am sure that it happens here just like it happens all around the United States. Hell, when I was in Cleveland I walked by a group of African American men and women holding up signs that said that white people will all die in an apocalypse or something along those lines. And maybe I am ignorant to it because I am a white male here. But just from simple observation and testimony from African American reporters here in Boston, I just really think the city gets a much worse reputation than deserved.

Written By: ​Nick Quags (@NickQuag)

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