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I’m throwing this blog together quick to introduce this weekly blog series. Listen, I’ve been a HUGE Big Brother fan on CBS since I was a kid watching it with my mom. I’ve watched almost every season excluding a few years when I was a dumb teenager who lost my way with my primetime TV shows.

But I jumped back on like, 5 years ago after missing about three seasons. So we gotta write a blog about that, right?

So this one isn’t going to be an in-depth blog, just some initial reactions since I’m still trying to catch up. At this moment I’m only watching July 8th (Sunday). The game plan was to get this thing started right after the first eviction. Get this rolling on time. Be up right away and we’re rolling, Big Brother fans. But guess what. I got invited on a vacation to Key West. And at first, I was like, I need to be home to start the BB blog. But I was forced. Basically gagged and tied up and tossed on that plane. Forced to have a bomb time. It was tough to do but hey, it had to be done.

So my quick reaction after week one. And again, I promise that these are going to be fire and much more in depth after this. I’m thinking these will be up on Fridays. Still working out the kinks. But the contestants mesh well together. I’m getting a completely different vibe from this crew than I had from last years.

BB 19 had a lot of brash houseguests who were I guess tough in a way while this season I’m getting a ridiculously petty vibe from 90% of them. The chemistry in the house is bananas. It’s like the like each other, but it’s straight up high school in there to this point. We have Haleigh hooking up with my man Fessy. I think that’s how you spell it. But, classic, Kaitlyn, is rattled because while she won’t admit it, she wants to naked wrestle with Fessy. I’ll get to her more in a second.

We have Swaggy C and Bayleigh now hooking up too which is chill. Showmances this early are a dangerous move for them and Fessy/Haleigh, but if they can keep this alliance up that they’ve built with a good chunk of the other houseguests, they should be solid for a little while at least, right?

But my biggest reaction to the first six episodes though, Kaitlyn STINKS. She STINKS, man. I just don’t like her. She annoys the hell out of me and the fact that she cock-blocked Fessy made me jump off of her bandwagon immediately. He’s not into you and he’s into Haleigh. You just met the dude. Deal with it.

Again, more in depth as I catch up, but here are my other reactions to the whole cast.

JC: Love this little dude. The guy has no rhyme or reason behind anything. Literally, anything that he does is hilarious but he’s loving life and I’m all about it. And by the way, love his relationship with Fessy.

Steve: RIP, Steve. I hope there’s a battle back early on because I love this guy. I know generally the older guys in the house get voted out wicked early on like he did last Thursday, but I wish he actually got the chance to make some noise. I love when cops are in the house because they are so manipulative and he seemed like he could be entertaining too. It was tough to see him go but I was about him.

Sam: I’m glad she stayed after week one, edging out Steve by a vote. It’s badass that she’s a welder but I’m worried that she’s too sweet for the game. She’s going to get eaten alive by the power in the house unless she starts growing some thicker skin.

Haleigh: At the moment, I’m thinking she’ll just be the pretty girl latching on to a power group who doesn’t make any noise through most of the game. BUT she’ll make it far because she’ll refrain from getting into any confrontation.

Kaycee: I think she has the potential to be a big-time player in this game, but she’s laying low early which honestly is probably a solid move by her. She’s clearly going to crush the competitions and with that, she’ll create a HUGE target on her back if she starts the season off by winning consistently and taking control early.

Tyler: Slowly becoming one of the most important players in season 20. Initially, like probably everyone else, you watch the guy’s video and think he’s a legit warm body with a pile of slop where his brain should be. (Killer Big Brother reference) But so far, the guy’s making moves and he’s been doing it quietly. He’s low key controlling the house early and has by far played the best game in my opinion through the first couple of weeks.

Bayleigh: Pretty boring so far. Initially, I thought that she would be more boisterous because in her intro video, she made it sound like she’ll be extremely controversial but at this point, she’s been pretty quiet. I think that’s still inside of her though so the fact that she’s not making too many waves so far could be a solid move.

Kaitlyn: WOOF. Man, I’m not about this girl at all. She’s obviously one of those people who shoves spirituality down your throat, acts like God’s gift to earth and then trash talks everyone behind their backs. I hate her for that reason alone. Right when she was an A-class clown to Sam when she was in the robot costume, I wanted her gone. Toasted. Her winning the second HOH wasn’t great but you gotta roll with the punches. Just the way she talks to people and the way that she’s been acting like a dickhead after winning the HOH. She just sucks.

Winston: I like the personality on this guy but I’m not about this bro relationship he’s forming with Brett. I thought this guy would be a wholesome country boy who would be likable but pairing up with Brett has made things ROUGH. Also, not a great look to come at Swaggy and Fessy about their “meeting” and then as soon as Swaggy says anything, he tucked his tail and ran away. You started it, guy. Get into it.

Rockstar: I literally have no idea what to say about her. She’s fine. Definitely different. Her personality hasn’t shown through enough to make a solid judgment call but I wouldn’t hate her flipping a switch one day and losing her mind.

Brett: I just hate classic frat bros. Nobody understands what the hell he’s talking about 90% of the time and we get it, man, you work with computers. Every time you see one you don’t need to remind us. Put on a shirt too. We’re both from Massachusetts which is cool but I’m not crazy about him right now.

Angela: Again, kind of like Haleigh. She’s a basic girl who could float her way to the end based off of her looks alone. It depends how close she gets to Brett and Winston though because those two could piss some people off and create some big targets for not only them but for people close to them too. cc: Angela. She’s athletic and can probably take home some wins in the competitions but her strategic game doesn’t seem too strong. At least at this early point.

Scottie: My man! I think I felt worse for him than I did for Steve when he got voted out. This little nerd if the best. I love that he’s crawling his way into some of these alliances like with Swaggy and Fessy because he’ll eventually need it if he makes it through this week.

Faysal: First of all, I’ll figure out if I’m spelling his nickname right. This dude is one of my top two favorites. Behind Tyler right now. He’s playing the game early on and not just sitting in the shadows and he’s a competitor. But he’s not playing the game too hard to the point where he would become an early target. He’s likable and decently lowkey about the moves he’s making.

Rachel: I see some attitude in her that could make her a threat to win this game. She seems smart and can use her looks to manipulate some of the stronger guys in the house like Brett or Winston… Or both.

Swaggy C: I’m still feeling this one out. In a couple of the first episodes, I HATED this dude. He reminded me of Victor from BB18 when he started off the season way too hot. He started making enemies right away which you just can’t do. Victor eventually figured that out too after having to fight his way back into the house twice. Swaggy C has built up a little wall around him with some alliance members which is big… But I’m worried for his sake that he might already be cooked within the first five weeks.

It’s going to be a petty as hell season and I’m here for it. Let’s ride, BB 20.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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