Another UFC Event Ruined By A Fighter Failing To Make Weight!

Well it’s happened again, a highly anticipated card gets ruined because a fighter missed weight.

Everything was going good this morning at the early morning weigh-ins for UFC 225. Every fighter was on weight and things were looking up. Then Yoel Romero stepped on the scale. On his first attempt Romero weighed in at 186 pounds, which is one pound over the middleweight limit. The Chicago commission gave him 2 hours to try to cut the 1 pound. Even with the 2 hours Romero was unsuccessful to make the middleweight weight limit of 185 pounds. This time his official weight was 185.2 pounds. Since it’s a title fight Romero will not be eligible to win the UFC middleweight championship, leaving fans speechless.

This is the second time Yoel has missed weight this year. Both times he’s missed weight the fight was a title fight. The first time occurred at UFC 221, where Romero fought Luke Rockhold for the interim middleweight championship. This makes Yoel Romero the first man to miss weight for two title fights. What makes this even more frustrating is that he was so close to making weight his second attempt. .2 pounds off is just heart breaking to hear. Dana White hasn’t released a statement yet, but you could bet your life that he’s absolutely fed up with fighters not making weight at this point. Dana White has already mentioned he wants to get rid of the early morning weigh-ins. After another fighter has missed weight it’s almost a guarantee there will be no more early morning weigh-ins.

It’s not clear yet if this fight is going to happen. Apparently Romero is in really bad shape after that brutal weight cut, and it’s not clear if he is still going to fight or not. Middleweight champion Robert Whittaker hasn’t yet released a statement. One thing is clear though another event has been ruined by a fighter being unprofessional. The Champion Robert Whittaker is let down, Dana White is let down, but most importantly the fans are let down yet again.

Stephen Caloggero (Steveo_Calo)


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