How Do You Miss 27 Straight Threes?

If you haven’t already heard, we’re getting a Cavs vs. Warriors NBA Finals for the 4th consecutive season.

Unlike most people, I’m not all that mad about it. We knew this was going to happen again. Are the Cavs going to lose? Probably. But we’re witnessing history right now. I think LeBron puts up somewhat of a fight this time around in comparison to last year. Something looks off to me with Golden State right now, which is why I feel like this series will be much more interesting than people think. I don’t think the Cavs stand a chance, but I do think they can take two games. My final prediction is Warriors in 6.

Anyways, why am I writing this blog today? Not to preview the Finals. No, no, I come to you today to talk about the absolute shitshow that is James Harden and the Houston Rockets.

This team missed 27 STRAIGHT THREES. 27. I may only be 5 foot 9 and 190 lbs, but put me in an NBA game and I guarantee you I would not miss 27 threes in a row. One would have to accidentally fall in the hoop. A lot of that falls on Trevor Ariza, who played 42 minutes and went 0-12 on FGs (0-9 from 3). How do you do that in Game 7? HOW?

And outside of the poor shooting, James Harden cooked up another all-time choke job in this series. Is this the worst superstar of all time? And if not the worst, maybe the most predictable? Harden had a great first half in games 6 and 7, but any basketball fan could have told you that he was going to disappear in the second half of both of those games, and he did exactly that. Houston knows he can’t be relied on, it’s the reason they gave up their entire bench to get Chris Paul last Summer. If he didn’t go down in Game 5, they probably win this series.

My last problem with this team has to do with the rotations from last night’s game. Why Ryan Anderson even got a whiff of playing time last night amazes me. I mean, what was Mike Dantoni thinking? Every time he was on the court when Curry was on for GSW, they immediately went after him on a switch. And Steph cooked him up Every. Single. Time. Exhibit A:

The Rockets had every single chance to win this series and they blew it. It kind of reminds me of the Celtics, who also had every single chance to beat Cleveland, but they just couldn’t capitalize.

So what are we left with now? Another year of Cleveland vs. Golden State. But NBA fans shouldn’t be mad about it, because I think this will be the last one. So for all of you who told me to look forward to next season, I’m going to say the same to you. Just wait until next year when Boston runs train in the East and gets back to the Finals for the first time since 2010. I think we’re going to get a balance in this league real soon.

-Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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