Boston Approves Plans To Change Yawkey Way Back To Jersey Street

After filing the petition back in February, it looks like the current Red Sox ownership will be getting what they had hoped for after all.

After mass debates over kitchen tables and offices, the Public Improvement Commission unanimously voted to change Yawkey Way back to Jersey Street. I’ll be honest with you… I care about the change, like I’ll read about it. But I also just don’t really care at all.

Listen, the guy was a racist and we know that. Although the Yawkey Way Foundation refutes that narrative, I have a tough time believing otherwise. The Red Sox were the last team in baseball to field a black player and it took them YEARS before they actually had their first one. I mean hell, the Bruins had an African-American player before the Sox did.

And I’ve written about this previously in another blog, but the guy also harbored an employee who was raping children… Who were brought in because they were in need. He knew about this behavior and allowed this guy to keep working for him. So call me crazy, I don’t think Tom Yawkey should be honored at the greatest ballpark in the America.

So Yawkey Way is about to be changed to Jersey Street. Again, whatever. I’m not too rattled about it but by the sounds of sports talk radio right now, some people are pissed. But they’ll also never think about this again by the start of the 2019 Red Sox season.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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