Red Sox Recap – Week 3

The Winning Ways Continue For The Red Sox

I got so excited about the Joe Kelly fight that I forgot to give a Sox recap.  The Red Sox are off to a franchise best 13-2 start to the season.  But as I’ve previously mentioned, we haven’t proved anything yet.  However; there are still some promising things about this team.  Up until his injury, Xander Bogaerts was playing to the caliber we thought he was capable of.  He’s hitting .368 with an OPS of 1.111 and two homers with nine RBI.  Luckily for us, he isn’t going to miss much time and Brock Holt and Tzu Wei Lin have done phenomenal in his absence.

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Offense Keeps On Hitting

In the first couple games against Tampa Bay, this offense wasn’t doing anything.  Since, they’ve absolutely destroyed the ball.  They’re second in the league behind the Angels in runs (who they play next.)  Second in average, behind the Angels, fourth in slugging as the Angels are first (notice a theme here)?  And most of this has come without Xander.  The team is 6-1 without him.  It was encouraging to see them hit against the Yankees, but I need to see it against a team like Houston or Cleveland.  Another bright spot offensively has been Hanley Ramirez.  Yeah he’s in a contract year which is one of the reason’s why he’s so focused.  But I also think the move back to first base has helped him out.  Now that he’s playing the field, he’s more engaged in the game.


Pitching Keeps Proving They’re The Best

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This pitching staff is FIRE at the moment.  I mean, we got Chris Sale out here dealing in short sleeves in arctic weather like it’s nothing.  Pretty Ricky still flaunting his stuff around.  David Price (when he does pitch) has been pretty darn good too.  Joe Kelly, enough said.  I’m not saying this team is going to go 160-2, but this team is going to go 160-2 (sarcasm).  Once again, if this team can pitch lights out like this against the Angels, who currently have baseball’s best offense.  Then I’ll really start believing.  It’ll be really interesting when Shohei Ohtani pitches tomorrow against the Red Sox.  I don’t think he’s faced a lineup quite like this one.


Brian Berard (@RockyBerard)

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