Isaiah Thomas Declines the Celtics Video Tribute

This story will not die. If you haven’t already heard, two weeks ago, Isaiah Thomas requested that the Celtics play his tribute video on February 11th during Paul Pierce’s retirement night as opposed to January 3rd. He requested the 11th due to the fact that he wouldn’t be able to play on the 3rd, so his family and friends would not be in attendance to see the video. Upon hearing of his request, Paul Pierce made it known to ESPN that he did not want to share the spotlight with IT on his night. And now, Isaiah Thomas has decided to decline to receive a video altogether:

I’ve blogged my thought’s on this situation before, but I’m going to go into it again, hopefully for the last time. I respect the hell out of what IT did in terms of helping the Celtics launch their rebuild, as well as playing hurt in the playoffs last year. And I respect that he played a day after his sister passed away.

During his 2.5 years in Boston, IT made himself a beloved member of the city of Boston and the Celtics franchise. His launch into stardom isn’t something you see happen too often around here. Some people held him on the same pedestal as a Tom Brady, Patrice Bergeron, or David Ortiz. But ever since he was traded for Kyrie Irving in August, I have grown more and more sick of him by the day.

I was fine with the Players Tribune article. Something like that was expected of him, he loved this city. But once he started to continuously talk about the trade with the media, as well as tweet about it, things started to get weird. Things got even weirder when the Book of Isaiah 2 dropped almost three months after the trade. And now, during this whole Paul Pierce controversy, I’m just downright bothered by the guy. I’ve never seen a pro athlete take a trade harder in my entire life, ESPECIALLY after that player didn’t even win anything. Cool, he got the Celtics to an Eastern Conference Finals. But guess what, we don’t hang conference title banners in Boston, just ask Rajon Rondo:

I agree with what Rondo said last night but to a certain extent. He thinks IT doesn’t deserve a video at all, which I disagree with. But in the grand scheme of things, Isaiah Thomas did nothing for the city of Boston because he didn’t win a title. And that’s what gets you recognized in this city, not Conference Final appearances. Rondo is on the ball there.

The bottom line is this: players get traded in professional sports all the time. It’s the reason they call it a business. The Celtics made a BUSINESS decision by trading Isaiah Thomas for Kyrie Irving. Obviously, he got upset about it, but he has to stop bringing it up. It’s OVER. There’s no reversing the trade. He’s on the Cavs now, and he needs to start acting like it. The city of Boston will always appreciate him, but he didn’t win anything. He, and we, need to start realizing that.

Written By: Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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