WATCH: Woman Throws Up Everywhere Behind Atlanta Hawks Bench

I wish the video for this was longer, but oh man this is nasty. Imagine being the people who just so happened to be sitting next to this lady. It’s the fourth quarter, close game, almost time to go home, and you happen to look to your left just to see the lady next to you yacking all over your shoes. I would be PISSED.

I’m assuming the guy to her right, who immediately reacted to her throwing up, is her boyfriend or whoever she was at the game with. My only question for him is why did you let her drink so much? You have to drop some serious money at sporting events if you want that much booze, and she just puked it all up. Sad!

But I’m just assuming that she threw up because of the booze. She very well could have been having super bowl flashbacks, which I would completely understand. Matt Ryan did the exact same thing.

Written By: Nick Cherico (@NickCherico)


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