Biggest Takeaways From Celtics Media Day

The new year is officially upon us with media day kicking it off today. Training camp starts this week, then opening night will be here before we know it on October 17th.

Today is the day where every single player in the league is “in the best shape of their career” and is continuously getting gassed up by their owners, coaches, and teammates. For the Celtics, today was a day to not only introduce all of the new faces they added to the team this offseason but also close the books on the guys they moved on from. IT, Bradley, Crowder, Olynyk, Amir Johnson, and Jerebko are gone. This is a new team, with a new look, a new identity, and it’s time to get pumped about it (if you weren’t already before).

For starters, can we talk about Semi Ojeleye’s arms?


There isn’t much I can say about this other than, wow. This dude is going to be tough to gain position on with that strength. I’d be scared shitless to even try getting physical with him. I liked him at SMU and was shocked when he fell to us in the second round. He looked promising in summer league, so I hope he can get a decent amount of minutes this season.

On things not related to Ojeleye’s biceps, we got a ton of sound from Kyrie Irving.

Irving pushed as hard as he could to not speak much on his current relationship with LeBron, who did the same during his press conference today. We know that they haven’t spoken since the trade, and we know that LeBron wonders what he could have done differently to keep Kyrie in Cleveland. Irving refused to get into the specifics of that situation, saying that if they were to have a conversation it would stay between the two of them and we wouldn’t know about it.

Marcus Smart dropped 20 lbs this offseason and is looking as slim as ever.

So Marcus is looking pretty good I’d say. According to, Smart said “I lost 20 pounds. Last year, I was playing 240 as a guard. My back hurt. I was tired. I knew I had to change.” He also expects to take on the role of defending more smaller guards with Avery Bradley no longer on the team, so this weight loss will certainly help out with that.

I’m excited to see what contract-year Marcus Smart can do. We’ve seen videos on Twitter all summer of him working his ass off in the gym, knocking down a ton of three’s, and flying around the court like an absolute madman. His role is certainly increasing, and he will be a huge part of this teams success if his progress can translate onto the court this season.

Jaylen Brown expects to have a much bigger role in year two

Jaylen Brown talked a lot about how his summer went, and how excited he is to learn about his new teammates and get this season started. But one thing that he said stuck out to me a lot:

This has to be an indicator that Jaylen is going to be starting at the two, right? We’ve been speculating on it since Bradley was traded, but I think this quote confirms all of our thoughts on this. Jaylen HAS to be starting if he’s going to be the team’s main defender, and I think he’s ready for the challenge. Brad Stevens even talked about Brown’s role this season, saying that they are going to be leaning on him a ton to be a lockdown defender. All signs are pointing to him starting at shooting guard in his second season.

Brown also touched on the political drama currently going on with the President and his recent comments about NFL players not standing for the National Anthem. He thinks that the Celtics should participate in some form of protest regarding the President’s comments, and he is going to talk to the guys about potentially doing something like that.

I don’t think I can wait much longer for the season to start. It feels so close, but so far away at the same time. October 17th can’t get here soon enough.

Written By: Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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